Sustainability is increasingly important to us at Sidney House.

Our breakfast is sourced from local produce and any waste we composte and recycle.

We only use eco friendly cleaning products and encourage guests to request washing of bedding and towels, rather than automatically changing it.

We are in the process of swapping out all toiletry miniatures for eco friendly refillable ones without compromising on quality and luxury.

Our hospitality tray is stocked largely with organic and fairtrade products and we will continue to upgrade these products until we are at 100%.

Motion sensor lights are used throughout the stairs, halls and landings to reduce energy consumption and where possible we have changed to low energy light bulbs .

In 2019 we were awarded an Energy Grant and so had an independent survey carried out to see what areas we could improve on. From this we overhauled the entire heating system and installed thermostats in each bedroom for individual control. We improved the insulation in the loft and added secondary glazing to original sash windows in bedrooms.